Juice Cleanses



Renew yourself by taking part in our 1, 2, & 3 day cold-pressed juice cleanses. Whether your goal is to experience mental clarity, boost energy, or lose weight, our unique and carefully thought out cleanses are here to meet your body’s specific needs.

You can find our carefully designed cleanse plan for each day below but we are also happy to create bespoke cleanses based on your needs and preferences. For more information about the benefits of cleansing just fill out an enquiry form and we can start planning your perfect cleanse.

1 Day $55

7 AM  Morning Crush
10 AM  Green Goals
12 PM  Wingman Shot
1  PM  Endless Summer
3 PM  Vivid Green
5 PM  Citrus Soul
8 PM  Golden Milk
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2 Day $105


1 Day +

7 AM  Orchard Green
10 AM  Citrus Soul
12 PM  Immunity Shot
1 PM  Vivid Green
3 PM  Green Goals
5 PM  Deep Roots
8 PM  Mexican Chocolate Milk

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3 Day $150


2 Day +

7 AM  Vivid Green
10 AM  Morning Crush
12  PM  Immunity Shot
1  PM  Green Goals
3 PM  Endless Summer
5 PM  Citrus Soul
8 PM  Golden Milk
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