Brewed+Pressed, founded in 2016 by Sohail Dar and Michael Heffelfinger, has long sought to create the most nutritious, organic, raw, plant based products that we put into our bodies. With determination to advance this mission, it only came naturally that in December 2017, we decided to focus not only on what goes into our bodies but what goes on the outside of our bodies. The Brewed+Pressed Apothecary line was born, created and developed by Brewed+Pressed co-owner Michael Heffelfinger with Savannah Granier, Skincare Buyer and Consultant. The Apothecary beauty products were hand-crafted using organic, fresh ingredients from our menu. Brewed+Pressed Apothecary has a mission to make your daily bathing and skin care routine more natural and enjoyable.

-B+P Team